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Thinking of selling your home? Let The B-Line Broker assist you! We’ve sold thousands of homes around Atlanta and yours could be next. We guarantee you will be under contract in 30 days or less! Take a minute to provide your contact information and we’ll contact you back in 24 hours or less to chat about your goals.


1) The B-Line Broker offers additional marketing exposure that a for sale by owner may not be privy to. In order to gain access to a multiple listing service, which is by the far the most effective home selling tool, a property must be listed with a real estate agent. Listing services are a way real estate agents market their properties to other real estate agents and to the world, in general. Nowadays, once a property is listed in MLS or FMLS (two of the main listing services available in Georgia) it may be syndicated to numerous ancillary real estate web sites including,, and which give you global exposure. The wider the exposure, the more interest your property will draw and in turn, the more it will sell for.

2) Correctly pricing your home in this market is critical. The B-Line Broker has access to more accurate information because we have professional tools at our disposal (FMLS and MLS, namely). Individuals searching for home buying and selling information using Trulia or Zillow are often looking at information that is outdated or inaccurate. Through over 20 years of experience, The B-Line Broker is adept at gauging market trends and judging value, which is literally changing day by day. If your home is priced right, chances are you will generate multiple offers and may be able to get more than the list price for it. If it is priced too high, you won’t get as much exposure and you may ultimately end up with longer days on market and the home selling for less than you would have if you had priced it more competitively to begin with.

3) Knowing how to handle multiple offer situations is crucial. Improperly notifying all parties can lead to legal snafus or to a contract that nets you less than is possible. The B-Line Broker has been working with foreclosed bank assets for years and with sellers in previous hot markets and we know how to handle a barrage of simultaneous offers.

4) Employing modern day tactics to ensure contract compliance is becoming more and more important. Just because an appraisal doesn’t come in for list price or more doesn’t mean the contract should be voidable. When multiple offers come in and prices get bid up, it’s important to know how to employ verbiage that locks the winning buyer into the contract, regardless of the appraised value. The B-Line Broker knows how to structure stipulations in contracts to protect our sellers.

5) There are numerous rapidly evolving issues to contend with in today’s real estate environment. Competition from foreclosures and short sales, financing, appraisals, inspections, mold, lead-based paint, defective siding/stucco, termites, insurance, clouds on title. The list goes on and on. Any one of these issues could stop a deal dead in its tracks. The B-Line Broker knows how to navigate and predict road blocks like these.

6) If you are considering a short sale, a real estate agent is a must. As if the typical real estate transaction is not complicated enough, a deal that involves a short sale can be numbing. Booby traps lie around every corner and it is for this reason, most banks will not allow a short sale to be initiated unless the home has been listed with a real estate agent to market and guide the home seller. Lots of real estate agents won’t even attempt to handle a short sale unless they are schooled and experienced in these complex transactions. For this reason, I recommend listing your short sale with a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) which is a real estate agent that has undergone extensive training for assisting with a short sale. The B-Line Broker has gone through this extensive training and has attained the CDPE certification.

7) The B-Line Broker employs powerful technology and has an already-developed, comprehensive online presence through highly trafficked web sites and social media campaigns. We can give your home instant exposure and are able to continuously blog about it to a vast following.

8) Working with un-qualified purchasers is a waste of time and can seriously affect your bottom line. If a deal falls through after several weeks or months because the purchaser was unable to secure financing, you will have to put the home back on the market. Your highest offers occur within days of initially listing your home. The longer it sits without the sold sign, the less enticing subsequent offers will be. The B-Line Broker works with proven lenders that know whether a buyer is qualified or not. Before The B-Line Broker puts a buyer in the car or recommends accepting an offer to a seller, we will will have checked out the purchaser.

9) Selling a home can be a very emotional process. The B-Line Broker is here to offer an objective and reasonable point of view.

10) Buying or selling a home is one of the most important and stressful things that a person will do in their lifetime, right up there with getting married and having a baby. Subsequently, making a legal mistake or a decision blunder during the home buying/selling process could be the most costly mistake you ever make. You wouldn’t walk into court representing yourself or face an IRS audit without the assistance of a competent accountant. The B-Line Broker serves a purpose when dealing with home buying or selling transactions. We are advisers, marketers, chauffeurs, negotiators, organizers, referrers, expediters, listeners and hard workers. I would like to think that we are worth our weight in gold but I might be a bit biased.



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