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Is a real estate agent necessary in today’s hot market?

FSBO vs Real Estate Agent

FSBO vs Real Estate Agent


With metro Atlanta homes selling faster than Gladys Knight’s chicken and waffles, purchasers thinking of buying and more notably, owners thinking of selling, might be wondering if hiring a real estate agent is a necessity. Nowadays, home buyers can find homes on the internet, set up their own appointments to preview properties and submit pre-printed offers that can be obtained online or at the local office supply store. Likewise, sellers can get a for sale by owner sign, post their property on a number of FSBO marketing web sites and negotiate directly with interested parties. On the face of it, it seems that both parties may benefit by excluding third party interlopers from the deal. What I’m here


Atlanta Home Sales Statistics Map

Atlanta Home Sales Statistics for April 2013 YTD

Atlanta Home Sales Statistics for April 2013 YTD

The above map represents Atlanta home sales statistics for the month ended April 2013 year to date. I felt it useful to compile these figures on a zone map that makes it easier to research which areas of Atlanta are selling fast and for more money. Due to size constraints, I did not post the number of Atlanta home sales for each zone but send us a comment and we can forward you additional information for a particular zone. I hope the map assists you with a metro Atlanta home sale or metro Atlanta home purchase.


       Having been licensed since 1994, Craig Levine brings to your real estate deal a world of experience, cutting-edge technology, negotiating savvy,


St Marlo Home Sales – YTD

St Marlo homes for sale

Here is a report of the homes which have sold in St Marlo Country Club since January 1, 2013. The average St Marlo sales price was $657, 360. The average St Marlo home sales price to list price ratio was 94.86% and the average St Marlo home spent 83 days on the market.


Click here to view St Marlo home sales since January 1, 2013


If you are thinking of selling your home or would like to ask Craig Levine a question about sales statistics or trends in your neighborhood, call The Levine Team at 678-784-4493.


       Having been licensed since 1994, Craig Levine brings to your real estate deal a world of experience, cutting-edge technology, negotiating savvy, and exemplary service. With


How to Establish Credit or Re-establish Credit

Sam Thompson with Community Southern Bank

Sam Thompson


The following is a guest blog by Sam Thompson with Community Southern Bank. The views expressed are not necessarily those of


Here are some common credit-related questions that I hear frequently:

How do I go about re-establishing my credit if I lost my home in a short sale or foreclosure?

What should I do if I filed bankruptcy several years ago to re-establish my credit and increase my credit scores?

What should I do if I was out of work for a year and have been delinquent on all of my credit-related obligations?

What should I do if I have never had any credit cards, car loans, bank loans or any kind of traditional credit?


I will answer these questions and more in this article. Let’s start by explaining one thing about the


The benefits of owning a newer home

Benefits of New Construction

Benefits of New Construction

Note: The following is a guest blog by Atlanta home inspector, Frank Cooper with Atlanta Property Inspections and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of


Home buyers consider many choices when looking for a new home such as location, schools, taxes, shopping, and other amenities.  Some choose to live intown while others prefer the suburbs.  Whatever your choice for your new home location, there are several advantages for considering a newer home.

Newer homes can offer home buyers several benefits over older homes such as energy efficiency improvements and safety upgrades.  Energy efficiency has been a common goal in newer construction and there have been significant improvements in construction standards and equipment requirements to lower energy costs.  In addition, there have been a number

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