Old Fourth Ward Flyover


This is a flyover of Old Fourth Ward Park and Old Fourth Ward Skate Park, just off the Atlanta BeltLine. Be sure to turn up your sound!


      Having been licensed since 1994, Craig Levine brings to your real estate deal a world of experience, cutting-edge technology, negotiating savvy, and exemplary service. With Century 21 in Atlanta, Craig was the #2 agent in the #1 office in Georgia in 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001! He repeatedly received Century 21′s highest honor, The Centurion Award, in each of these years. In 2002, Craig joined Re/Max Greater Atlanta, the Nation’s #1 RE/MAX office and has consistently been one of the top agents in the office. Additionally, Craig


Atlanta Home Financing Update

The following is a guest blog from Jeffrey Heckman and Joanne Rotella with Shelter Mortgage Company and does not necessarily reflect the views of GeorgiaMoves.com

The Shelter Six

1. The recent mortgage rate surge began following a stronger than expected Employment Report released on the third of May. The logic behind the rise was that when the job market strengthens, the Fed no longer needs to manipulate rates down to such a low level.

2. Rates continued to rise following comments by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on June 19 indicating that the Fed would probably stop buying bonds sooner than expected. This bond buying program has been the #1 reason rates have been so low for so long.  Since the June 19 meeting, there has been a great deal of uncertainty about when the Fed will actually begin to tighten monetary policy. The result has been tremendous volatility with rates


How to Establish Credit or Re-establish Credit

Sam Thompson with Community Southern Bank

Sam Thompson


The following is a guest blog by Sam Thompson with Community Southern Bank. The views expressed are not necessarily those of GeorgiaMoves.com


Here are some common credit-related questions that I hear frequently:

How do I go about re-establishing my credit if I lost my home in a short sale or foreclosure?

What should I do if I filed bankruptcy several years ago to re-establish my credit and increase my credit scores?

What should I do if I was out of work for a year and have been delinquent on all of my credit-related obligations?

What should I do if I have never had any credit cards, car loans, bank loans or any kind of traditional credit?


I will answer these questions and more in this article. Let’s start by explaining one thing about the


How Credit Scores Affect Financing

Credit scores affect financing costs

Credit scores affect financing costs

Note: The following guest blog was written by Senior Mortgage Consultant, Sam Thompson, with Community & Southern Bank. 


The thing on the tip of most lenders’ tongues these days when we pre-qualify borrowers is this one question: what are your credit scores?   The answer to that question will basically determine the prospect’s chances of qualifying for financing as well as their interest rates. Fortunately or unfortunately, the derivation of one’s credit score is not an exact science, but attaining a minimum credit score for almost all loan programs is a must.  That score for government lending programs such as FHA and VA these days has basically evolved to a middle score of 640 while conventional loans typically require 660-680. The best interest rates are awarded to borrowers


Financing Guidelines for Most Buyers Still Stringent

Financing guidelines still stringent for most buyers

Financing guidelines still stringent for most buyers

Note: The following guest blog was written by Senior Mortgage Consultant, Sam Thompson, with Community & Southern Bank. 


For those looking to finance a home, mortgage underwriting guidelines are still tight, whether you are putting the minimum 3.5 per cent down and going FHA or have 20 per cent down for a conventional loan.  There is no question that the tighter underwriting guidelines have done a good job over the past four years of cutting down the default rates and have obviously assisted in stopping the foreclosure bleeding that was so rampant.


Having said that, it may not be pleasant for you to try to explain and document to an underwriter why you

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