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The following is a guest blog from Jeffrey Heckman and Joanne Rotella with Shelter Mortgage Company and does not necessarily reflect the views of GeorgiaMoves.com


No one needs to be reminded of the fact that home prices fell after the last housing boom. Many observers predicted a continuation of that trend. Now, however, the market has returned to a historically average level of appreciation. We can also see that variance from year to year is perfectly normal.

So will values continue to increase? Truth is that no one knows for certain as many factors influence home prices. However, we do know where prices are right now and even more importantly, where interest rates are, and that’s still close to historic lows. The combination of prices that are still off the peak and low borrowing costs makes for affordability that has never been better.

What’s absolutely certain is that as long as we’re alive, we need a place to live. Outside of Mom’s basement, we have two alternatives: rent or own. The latter has become less expensive than the former. Plus, over time, owning is the only option that provides freedom to live as you choose, relative stability and the long term accumulation of wealth.


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