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Atlanta Home Financing Update

The following is a guest blog from Jeffrey Heckman and Joanne Rotella with Shelter Mortgage Company and does not necessarily reflect the views of

The Shelter Six

1. The recent mortgage rate surge began following a stronger than expected Employment Report released on the third of May. The logic behind the rise was that when the job market strengthens, the Fed no longer needs to manipulate rates down to such a low level.

2. Rates continued to rise following comments by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on June 19 indicating that the Fed would probably stop buying bonds sooner than expected. This bond buying program has been the #1 reason rates have been so low for so long.  Since the June 19 meeting, there has been a great deal of uncertainty about when the Fed will actually begin to tighten monetary policy. The result has been tremendous volatility with rates


St Marlo Home Sales – YTD

St Marlo homes for sale

Here is a report of the homes which have sold in St Marlo Country Club since January 1, 2013. The average St Marlo sales price was $657, 360. The average St Marlo home sales price to list price ratio was 94.86% and the average St Marlo home spent 83 days on the market.


Click here to view St Marlo home sales since January 1, 2013


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Atlanta Homes Sales Update for April 2013

Atlanta Homes Sales Prices April 2013



With a lack of adequate supply, Atlanta home prices are continuing to rise. Single family homes are up 30% YTD for April 2013 over YTD 2012 prices. Atlanta condos and Atlanta townhomes are up an astounding 33%, as well.

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Inventory, or the lack thereof, seems to be the main reason why Atlanta home prices are rising so fast. Many Atlanta listings are attracting multiple offers, resulting in bidding wars for the most sort after properties.

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My advice to anyone who is considering selling their home is to get it on the market, now. Peak summer home hunting season has started and this time of year affords the most potential buyers for your house. Although the market will still be


Atlanta Home Sales DOWN but Atlanta Home Prices UP?

Can someone please tell me what is going on with the Atlanta home market? Doesn’t anyone want or need to move these days? Demand is growing but supply is ridiculously, low. In fact, Atlanta’s housing supply is currently only 2.9 months. That means that if no more listings came on the market, it would take about 2.9 months to sell all of them. In a normal stable Atlanta market, the supply is roughly twice that at 6 months. Just five years ago the market peaked with 13.8 months of supply and it was a crazy buyer’s market! That’s not the case, today.

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There is good news and there is bad news to all of this. The good news is if you are a person with a home or a condo to sell, chances are it is going to go relatively fast once it hits the market and

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