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The Short Sale Process

Short Sale Process

Short Sale Process

Ok, so now you know what a short sale is and you are probably wondering, “what’s the next step?” Well there are a couple of significant steps involved in the short sale process. Let’s discuss the six major steps to successfully conducting a short sale.

Step #1 – Understand your options and know what you are getting into 

Let’s start out by saying a short sale is not a good solution for everyone! If you have enough cash to cover the shortfall between your mortgage balance and your sales price, it may make sense to come out of pocket and proceed with a traditional sale to salvage your credit instead of conducting a short sale. If your credit is already in


What is a short sale?

Right now might be a very trying time for you and your family. If you are facing difficulties and are behind on your mortgage, thinking about how you are going to make your next payment, or your lender has contacted you about foreclosure, don’t lose hope! There are several options available to you, including a potential short sale.


[youtube id=”49sS88Cbsc8″]
For a brief explanation of what is a short sale, turn your volume up and view the above minute and a half informative video about short sales.


In a nutshell, a short sale (as your lender views it) occurs when you sell your home for less than what is owed. Therefore, the lender comes up short of what is actually owed to them. That’s pretty much what a short sale is! 

Now, you can’t just put your

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